Chemistry Department


Spring 2021: Chem 115A - major restrictions will be lifted 11/25/2020 All Repeat Restrictions will be lifted 1/21/2021
Fall schedule : CHEM 275 2 units is now CHEM 475 3 units. Please enroll in CHEM 475 if you are a senior in the fall and planning to graduate in either fall 2020 or spring 2021.  
Spring 2020: Welcome to the Spring Semester! Grad Apps are Due Feb 1
Met in Major : Please note that CHEM 401 will be used to meet your UD area B requriment in the new GE program for students that started at SSU in the Fall of 2019.  

Welcome to the Chemistry Department

We are a scholarly group of faculty, students, and staff working together to explore how the world functions at the molecular level. As a faculty, we believe in the hands-on training of our students. Our curriculum, therefore, is focused on providing student opportunities to work with relevant instrumentation, to learn experimental design, execution, and troubleshooting, and to practice with various forms of scientific communication. These topics are integrated throughout the core chemistry courses, Freshman Learning Community (FLC), capstone lab experiences, and undergraduate research.

Our department offers three possible degree paths: 1) a B.A. Chemistry degree that provides flex units for students to pursue a complimentary and/or additional interest to chemistry or to create their own degree path, 2) a B.S. Chemistry degree certified by the American Chemical Society, and 3) a B.S. Biochemistry degree, also certified by the American Chemical Society.  The Biochemistry degree is popular among those also interested in biology. As part of these programs, all students have the opportunity to participate in an undergraduate research experience and work one-on-one with faculty. Ongoing research in our department includes atmospheric and environmental chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and the characterization of natural products, analysis of structure:function relationships of proteins, and the study of inorganic species in biological systems.

Please come by the Chemistry Department Office or the Chair's office if you have questions.  Chemistry is located on the 3rd floor of Darwin Hall.